Incident management


Five best practices to improve your incident management

The ability to respond effectively to incidents is a core, yet often unheralded IT capability. Paul Buffington explains the 5 best practices your team can apply to lower incident response time and improve quality. Leveraging tools such as Agile, DevOps, automation, Runbooks, and ChatOps, this practical session teaches you all the best practice you need.

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SITS18 speaker Q&A: Jocelyn Arcega

Ahead of his seminar session at SITS18, find out more about Jocelyn Arcega, senior solution architect from Resolve Systems – who’ll be talking ‘incident resolution’ at the show. SITS: How did you get into IT? I’ve been in IT right since the start of my career. I started out working in customer service for Apple […]

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Take another look at incident management

What is the correct process for managing incidents and are we doing it correctly?  What exactly can we do to make this crucial IT process even better? This blog post by Nick Wright of Atlassian explains the detail, offering a step-by-step guide for assessing and improving our own incident management process. 

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