Visitor Testimonials

Attending SITS broadened my knowledge on the power of people and IT in an organisation.

I’ve attended SITS a number of times and each visit has been more than worth the time, cost and effort – see you in 2019!

I came all the way from New Zealand to attend this show for the first time. The content is so perfect for Service Managers. I have so much material and knowledge to now implement for our company. It was inspiring and motivating. An excellent show – I can’t recommend it enough.

Come to SITS, there’s always something more that you can learn which will improve your operation.

Do not sit in your office, visit SITS and discover a whole new world of ITSM tools and trends to improve your role.

This was my first time visiting SITS. I came away knowing more about the industry I work in. More about the systems that support my industry. Most importantly, I came away knowing more about my role as well as picking up great tips and information to assist with areas such as incident and knowledge management.

I attend SITS seminars each year. This keeps me up to date with what is happening in the industry, what challenges are approaching, and to gain useful insight into other industry leaders experiences. Each year there is something that we can then take back and use to improve our service. Well worthwhile.

Attending SITS was valuable to my job, I come back to the office and started implementing some changes that were outlined in some of the seminars. It’s given people some focus and excitement about their job and contribution to the company goal.

SITS… What a show, a must go to keep in line with the latest technology and definitely if planning to implement a new ITSM tool.

As a first time visitor, I left SITS 2018 with a head full of ideas, a mouth full of questions and a bucket load of information to digest! Totally eye opening – a great way to experience the magnitude and importance of service desk and IT support in today’s working world.