Don’t forget your people

The skills shortage is still the main issue holding back the IT industry, yet we consistently fail to invest in and develop our people. This session explores all the available ITSM training and development options, to help you understand which methods are right for your business – and your teams.  

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Less effort, better service desk manager

A good service desk manager shouldn’t be overworked. If they’re doing their job correctly, the service desk runs as a well-oiled machine. Demand is anticipated, resources sized to match, staff appropriately skilled and exceptions massaged into normality. The staff love working there and the users smile at them. Noel Bruton explains why service desk managers […]

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Is BRM the key to unlock ITSM value?

Can we confidently state that ITSM is consistently delivering business value? Suresh shares practical case studies on how Business Relationship Management is being used to deliver tangible business outcomes. The session also looks at the changing role and potential career path of ITSM professionals as the need for strategic business relationship managers grows.

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Resolve Systems

Incident Resolution: Empowering the service desk to do more

You’re committed to customer experience and have the right team in place. Why are customers and your staff still frustrated? Your Level 1’s are bored, your Level 2’s and 3’s are overwhelmed and your customers aren’t having their needs met. This session shows how incident resolution empowers service desks to be more efficient while improving […]

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Redditch 0018

IT in the Park Preview: Stephen Mann

Stephen Mann, ITSM writer and speaker, is presenting at this year’s IT in the Park (10th November, Edinburgh). Ahead of the much anticipated Scottish event, Toby Moore talks to Stephen about his session ‘Provide People Support, Not IT Support’.  Toby: Stephen, IT has been talking about becoming more ‘people centric’ for a long time now, why do […]

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