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Why Total IT is the future by Steve Straker

Not only is the recent ServiceDesk360 article about Total Football principles being applied to ITSM based on sound thinking, but the concepts introduced should be taken further. Steve Straker of Fujitsu Systems argues that fluid, multi-purpose IT teams are essential for delivering what businesses demand of them. I was intrigued by your article on Total […]

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HP Touchpad500

So, HP, about this Autonomy/WebOS thing

Never afraid to splash the cash, HP has bought Autonomy for 10 billion dollars while abandoning the tablet space where it showed great potential. James West says this could be one of the biggest mistakes in enterprise computing history and decides to tell HP about it. Dear HP, You were smart enough to realise the […]

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Total IT – Dutch football strategy to improve ITSM?

Is it realistic for IT workers to become business-savvy strategists? James West looks at whether the concept of Total Football popularised by the Dutch national team can be translated to ITSM. The challenge for IT professionals today is trying to give equal prominence in two distinctive areas of business. At one end of the scale […]

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Why MITUS2 is not ITIL – By Noel Bruton

The announcement of MITUS2, a methodology for building effective IT support, has caused some commentators to question why we need another set of processes, particularly now that ITIL2011 has become bigger than ever. Its author Noel Bruton offers more details on MITUS2, what it will offer support teams and why it is not another subset […]

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ITIL; what’s ITIL? The language of #SDI11

“Service” and “Social Media” have usurped “ITIL” and “Processes” as the buzz words at the SDI Conference. James West wonders if the changing language indicates real cultural change, or if the ITSM industry is just following the crowd? For many years, ITIL was a comfort blanket, the go to word at ITSM events to assimilate […]

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Why IT pros must unleash the shopper within

The myriad IT delivery mechanisms now available have created unprecedented IT complexity and a changing role for technical staff, writes Barclay Rae. A change in mindset and attitude to relevant skills – with shopping leading the agenda – is needed to guarantee that IT is still relevant in the modern enterprise. The biggest challenge facing […]

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Service Desk Show has new owners

Diversified UK, a live event and publications specialist, has acquired the Service Desk & IT Support Show (SDITS) for an undisclosed sum. The Service Desk & IT Support Show has been run by Sussex-based organisers VCM Events since 1997. The 2011 edition was held at Earls Court in April when it attracted more than 4,000 […]

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