knowledge management


Breaking resistance to knowledge management

Your knowledge base is a process, not a product. Breaking our resistance to this concept is the key to ensuring that the knowledge base is useful and continually updates. By ending this resistance, knowledge is able to grow organically without a massive project. Hannah explains how to build a culture of trust to create an […]

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How to capitalise on the knowledge revolution

Knowledge management is one of the largest untapped assets for many IT service desks according to Gartner. Companies have tried many ways of harassing knowledge – with mixed results. This session explains why KCS (Knowledge Centered Service) appears to be exactly the kind of structured, platform-agnostic approach which finally unlocks the power of knowledge.

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Systems tinkering vs systems thinking

During the industrial revolution, the dominant management paradigm was scientific management for mass production.  This evolved into systems thinking for mass customisation and knowledge management.  Now we have moved onto mass collaboration between multiple parties and we are in the domain of complex adaptive systems.  Dealing with complex systems is different and requires a more […]

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knowledge sharing: thought bubbles with lightbulb connected with a plug

ITSM knowledge is ITSM power

While helping to support customers globally, Lena Stormvinge of Comaround has learned lots about customer experience and effective knowledge.  Previewing her seminar at SITS17, here Lena explains why her background has influenced her career and offers tips on delivering knowledge on your service desk.  (more…)

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