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AWAL benefits from single channel support

IT consultant AWAL has deployed the Assyst ITSM suite from Axios to consolidate service management by introducing a single channel for customers and staff. AWAL support both public and private sector organisations, providing bespoke, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructures, with focus on enabling customers to reap the maximum benefits from their investment. “We chose assyst because of […]

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ICCM is now OpoenText

ICCM customers assured: buyout makes us stronger

The buyout of ITSM software provider ICCM by information management specialist OpenText will benefit customers of both businesses by creating a wider portfolio more suited to tackle current and future ITSM challenges. Speaking to ServiceDesk360, ICCM’s Andy Scott assured customers that the purchase will not negatively impact service or product development.  “Customers will continue to receive the […]

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CAPTCHA tests accused of discrimination

Organisations that use CAPTCHA tests to differentiate between humans and computers for anti-spamming and other nefarious activities are being warned that they risk alienating a growing number of internet users with disabilities, according to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN). Many government and internet services use the CAPTCHA test before access is granted, however […]

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It’s About Priorities, Not Service Levels

Resident IT support expert Noel Bruton continues his series addressing today’s key service desk challenges.  Here he pokes one of ITSM’s crumbly cornerstones, the service level and reveals why these fundamental building blocks of support operations are in reality a hinderance to good service. For the past twenty-odd years, I have been a consultant specialising […]

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