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Don’t blame the tool, rethink your ITSM strategy

When operating in multi-sourced IT environments, we often see a lot of effort put into ITSM tooling federation to gain better control, transparency and “a single system of record” throughout the multi-sourced service supply chain. However, tool federation has its dark side which can lead to expensive and inflexible ITSM set-up, unsatisfied users and inefficient […]

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Service desks don’t need another hero?

Do we need super heroes to meet our IT support challenges, or simply a more measured approach, says Matt Turner of Network Rail. “No, they don’t have to be strong, they don’t have to be fast and they don’t have to be fresh from the fight” #bonnietyler Hero Culture, quite surprisingly, is still as ubiquitous […]

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What will it take for your service desk to benefit from OBASHI (part 3)?

After explaining what OBASHI is and how it can help solve service desk challenges, Claire Agutter of IT Training Zone concludes by offering some case study examples of OBASHI in action, and describes what training and learning is involved in order to reap benefits. The OBASHI website features a number of detailed case studies demonstrating how the […]

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Australian state blacklists IBM after $1 billion contract blunder

The Australian state of Queensland  has blacklisted IBM from public sector contracts after a project to replace its health payroll system spiralled in cost from an initial budget of (AU)$6 million to an eventual spend of more than $1 billion.A government statement said the project to automate payroll systems and procedures  failed to deliver service […]

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MITUS seeks software partner to share IT support love

Renowned helpdesk expert and author Noel Bruton is looking for an ITSM software partner to deliver his ‘proven’ methodology for improving IT support to a wider audience. Noel has used his Methodology for IT User Support (MITUS) to ‘design, run and improve IT user support departments’ for two decades and is keen to help more service […]

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What does ‘end-to-end’ IT support actually mean?

After arguing that the service desk concept may now be redundant, Noel Bruton continues to challenge conventional IT support thinking by looking at the real impact of a misunderstood buzz-phrase. A phrase that has become fashionable in recent times is ‘end-to-end’, especially when accompanied by the word ‘service’. But it’s much more than just a […]

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ITIL book, SD360

ITIL: from theory into practice

An ITIL foundation course book which helps readers put the theory of the best practice framework into practice has been released by IT Governance Publishing. Penned by renowned ITIL expert Claire Agutter, the book entitled ITIL Lifecycle Essentials is the first officially licensed ITIL foundation volume. Agutter explains the value of the book.  “ITIL Lifecycle Essentials has […]

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