Is DevOps really changing IT support?

To many, ITIL and ITSM are seen as anachronistic, cumbersome structures of the old world. The DevOps movement has created a truly transformative change to enterprise technology practices, blowing away the cobwebs of the previous generation.  But is it all good news? In this presentation Jon uses real life case studies to explore how DevOps […]

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Create enterprise agility through digital transformation

Governance has traditionally been viewed as a roadblock, controlling and slowing innovation.  However, some enterprises are using governance to increase speed and velocity.  How can governance create ability? How is digital transformation helping service management remove constraints? What role does DevOps play in governance and service management? Join digital transformation expert Matt Hooper to learn […]

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DevOps in the dock

DevOps is almost universally seen as a good thing for service management.  However, despite its positive image, is DevOps really being widely adopted?  And if not, why? In this session, our speakers put DevOps in the dock, asking hard questions about whether it lacks detail to truly improve operations.  Our presenters ask whether organisations understand […]

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