Customer service

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Expectations good – service better

IT support guru, and SITS16 presenter Noel Bruton looks at the true meaning of customer expectations and how service desks can delight, rather than frustrate, customers. My thanks go to Amazon for recently causing me to re-examine the nature of a good service. For years, I have maintained that your users will not measure you […]

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IT unclear how to improve service this year

Improving customer satisfaction is proving to be a tough challenge, with IT leaders in disagreement about the best ways to improve service levels. A survey of IT leaders in 16 countries by Axios Systems found a diverse range of strategies – with no clear consensus regarding the approach most likely to pay off.  26% of […]

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Why “customers” have taken ITSM on the wrong road

The mindset of delivering IT services to “customers” has stopped ITSM from delivering its true business potential.  Simon Kent, chief innovation officer at Sollertis says that labels such as “service provider” and “customer” have created a them/us mentality which has negated efforts to focus IT on business needs. “We think that by fixing an IT […]

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