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‘One size fit all’ service desk software mentality must change says BMC

Heightened expectations around IT delivery mean that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to helpdesk software is hopelessly antiquated. Chris Rixon, principal solutions manager for BMC told ServiceDesk360 that the traditional approach of selecting service desk technology based upon company size no longer works.  “Choosing a service desk product is about stating points of maturity.  We […]

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Total IT – Dutch football strategy to improve ITSM?

Is it realistic for IT workers to become business-savvy strategists? James West looks at whether the concept of Total Football popularised by the Dutch national team can be translated to ITSM. The challenge for IT professionals today is trying to give equal prominence in two distinctive areas of business. At one end of the scale […]

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ITIL; what’s ITIL? The language of #SDI11

“Service” and “Social Media” have usurped “ITIL” and “Processes” as the buzz words at the SDI Conference. James West wonders if the changing language indicates real cultural change, or if the ITSM industry is just following the crowd? For many years, ITIL was a comfort blanket, the go to word at ITSM events to assimilate […]

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Why IT pros must unleash the shopper within

The myriad IT delivery mechanisms now available have created unprecedented IT complexity and a changing role for technical staff, writes Barclay Rae. A change in mindset and attitude to relevant skills – with shopping leading the agenda – is needed to guarantee that IT is still relevant in the modern enterprise. The biggest challenge facing […]

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Over-regulated internet will damage global IT growth

IT chiefs have warned world leaders against over-regulating the internet because it will damage prosperity and growth in their countries. Talking at the G8 summit in France, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg told delegates that regulations to enforce security, taxation and copyright would have the effect of strangling innovation and free expression, and instead advocated the […]

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