Speaking at SITS

SITS – The Service Desk & IT Support Show (1-2 May, ExCeL London) attracts over 3,500 ITSM professionals, making it one of the most prestigious and sought after speaking engagements in the global ITSM calendar.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, conference-level education to our visitors for no charge, ensuring an inclusive event for all levels of ITSM professionals.

The deadline for applications is Friday 2nd November. You can submit as many sessions as you wish for consideration.

What content do our visitors want to see?

[twocol_one]SITS attracts visitors including IT Service Desk Managers, IT Team Leaders, IT Managers, Technical Support Staff, Technical Specialists, IT Directors, CIOs, CEOs, IT Consultants, and IT Analysts.

They want speakers to explain and contextualise the latest trends, and offer fresh angles on long-term ITSM challenges, so be creative and daring with your submission, and don’t be afraid to submit more than one session. If you would like to see how we display the programme to our visitors, you can see the 2018 programme here.

Please note, anything sales driven, or overtly focusing on a particular vendor product will not be considered for the programme. All sessions need to impart knowledge that can be utilised whatever the tool being used.

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[highlighted color=”purple”]When writing and submitting your sessions, think carefully about how your presentation will connect with your chosen subject matter and ensure your synopsis provides a clear objective. What will the audience be able to take away from your session to implement back in their business?



Areas of interest for your session could include but are not limited to:

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  • Invite a big name customer to share their real-life experiences – case studies from well-known companies are always well received
  • Improve an existing ITIL process
  • Share tips for improving IT services and support
  • People management and wellness in the workplace
  • Teaching strategies such as DevOps, BRM, SIAM, Lean/Agile Working/SaaS
  • Connect work with strategic business initiatives
  • Improve relationships within the business

NEW for 2019 – IT Security in Business – This brand new section within SITS will showcase exhibitors from within the cyber security sector. Our tailored content will focus on all aspects of IT security and we welcome sessions focussed around this sector for 2019.

What to include in your submission

All applications to speak must be made through the online form by the fore-mentioned deadline. Applications submitted directly via email will not be accepted. All submissions must include:

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  • Presentation title
  • 100 word synopsis
  • Three visitor take-aways
  • Speaker Bio (50 words)
  • Speaker photo
  • Speaking company logo
  • Speaker contact details


At least two of our theatres at SITS will be ‘silent’, where attendees wear headphones to hear the content. We can’t guarantee in advance as to which speakers will be in ‘silent’ theatres.

Presentations should be 40 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for Q&A (or adjusted accordingly if you wish to have a longer Q&A session).

Who can speak at SITS?

IT and Service Desk professionals who want to tell their story to the world

Speaking submissions from professionals working in real-life IT service roles who present on their own projects, case studies or experiences are very popular at SITS. Visitors to SITS love to hear how their peers have tackled the same challenges they face themselves every day – even if the eventual outcome was not success.

Independent consultants and trainers with a wealth of experience to share

Who better to offer sage advice on the practicalities of ITSM strategy and management, than the men and women who have seen through countless IT service projects, at a wide range of businesses? SITS welcomes submissions from experienced consultants and trainers.

ITSM tool vendors and solution providers with exceptional thought leadership

Businesses developing the very tools IT service professionals use every day to do their jobs are uniquely placed to discuss some of the greatest innovations in the market place today. Presentations strictly must not feature any content of a sales or marketing nature.


To apply, please fill in the online submission form by 5pm Friday 2nd November. We look forward to reading your submissions.