The journey to consolidate three service desks

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Service Desk Institute


  • Emma Faller
    Emma Faller
    Service Management Consultant, Service Desk Institute

    Emma is a service management professional with over ten years of experience collaboratively leading and managing IT Service Desks, Emma’s vast experience also includes designing and developing services for User Experience and Technical Implementation Teams, across shared service partnerships and managing the delivery and continuous development of ICT Service Support teams.


Theatre 3


May 02 2019


15:30 - 16:15


Day 2

The journey to consolidate three service desks

While shared services bring many opportunities, they also bring challenges. In this session, Emma shares her experiences of implementing, adapting and adopting a framework to meet the needs of three shared service partner organisations and their users. Responsible for leading, designing and developing the service from end-to-end, Emma explains how she involved all teams rather than focusing purely on the service desk to ensure the success of the initiative. She also shares advice for other organisations who want to consolidate services into a leaner, more customer-focused single service.

  • Tips on how to encourage service transformation buy in
  • Learn the correct approach to streamline and align processes across departments and partner organisations
  • How to embed and gather momentum for service improvement initiatives