How can your organisation revolutionise the way it delivers a service to customers? Gone are the days of reactionary processes, today is all about being proactive. Those who are able to streamline their supply chain and building IT for IT are set to steal a march on the competition.

2017 marks a seismic change in the ITSM industry. The momentum of IoT and how the service desk handles such interoperability and usage is constantly being assessed. One of the leading concerns of many in the industry is a lack of IT-business alignment. Understanding what the overall aims of the organisation are versus what the IT department wants is a key driver in overall efficiency.

In order to ensure the best end-user experience, an organisation must first implement an effective and structured IT business case, which in turn enables greater efficiency in the service delivery process.

Axios chief technical officer Chris Rydings will discuss the conflicting priorities of the CEO and CIO in an organisation during the keynote session at SITS17 on Wednesday 7th June at 2:30pm.

Additionally, Axios’ senior development manager Brian Hendry will discuss the most effective way of building an IT business case aimed at encouraging innovation during his seminar (Thursday 8th June, 10:30-11:10am in Theatre 1).  During the briefing, Brian explains why having a comprehensive business case is critical to the success of an organization’s service delivery process and customer relations.

Other trends
IoT breaks the common model of the service desk because of its ability to use Big Data and other technologies to deliver tailored services to customers. Due to this shift in project goals within organisations, CIOs need to keep an eye open for opportunities to ensure the support desk models itself within this trend to provide these services in a timely and efficient manner.

Analysts also predict Service Integration and Management (SIAM) to be one of the major trends of the year for the industry. While the practice of out-sourcing is far from new, as a concept organisations may not be so familiar with it.

Increasing demand from customers to regulate their life through automation and IoT leads itself straight to SIAM. Integrated properly, an organisation is allowed far greater visibility of processes in the supply chain and each party, either in-house suppliers of services or externally sourced suppliers, share an equal amount of accountability.

The growing movement and speed of business “off-loading” their technology to SaaS provision in order to reduce costs and speed up delivery is another trend for organisations to be aware of over the course of 2017. A more technical customer approach – in which desktop support shifts from simple request logging to engineering functionality – may be required to counter this increase.

It isn’t all doom, gloom and complicated though. Organisations that follow the mantra of “doing the basics right” will continue to enjoy the benefits of the industry. ITSM moves fast but an effective business case and clear planning will enable you to get the most out of your solution.

Looking ahead to SITS17, vice president of Axios Systems Markos Symeonides said: “attending SITS17, the UK’s leading event for service desk and IT support professional, is the stand-out opportunity for Axios to engage with prospects and customers alike. We will also be hosting a breakfast briefing with Forrester Research Group’s David Wheable. More details on this briefing will follow.”

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