Automation will not only make businesses run more efficiently it can also help them lock down security. William Culbert, director of solutions engineering at Bomgar told SITS Insight that IT security is often seen as the enemy of efficiency because it introduces barriers which slow working practices.

However, effective automation can help address both challenges by tying together the processes which help organisations work quickly and securely.  “Automating processes, including security protocols, takes the burden away from individuals and creates a robust system which reduces errors and helps the business run smoothly.”

Using remote support tools for example, it is now possible to create a closed-loop where everything including security is accounted for.  “We find that using remote connect, you can quickly engage in a one-to-one session to resolve the problem, embed the feedback into the incident and automatically update the status, saving 2/3 minutes per call.  The customer can be identified and routed to the right person in real time, which means they have to share less information such as passwords or personal data.”

The incoming GDPR regulations is another area of concern. Securing personal details, such as IP addresses and passwords, will be a major challenge for the service desk and any IT department holding data. However, William says that robust automation can once again create a more secure environment. “With GDPR, you have to prove you have processes in place to ensure people can’t access this data. An automated support process means that passwords are kept in an encrypted location and we provision a link to the customer’s credentials.  This means the technician never needs to know or ask for passwords.  You simply action the support process with a single click, which improves the productivity, accountability and security of the interaction.”

Service desks still need to be vigilant, but effective automation takes away a huge burden according to William.  “Every person in the business is responsible for security and they must all take responsibility. However, automation dramatically reduces the instances where mistakes and oversights can happen. Shoring up security in this fashion while also improving efficiency is an incredibly powerful thing for IT departments to do.”

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