The CEO of Nokia famously once proclaimed: “We did nothing wrong but we still lost”.  At SITS17, Steve Bulman of Resolve Systems will help your service desk avoid Nokia’s fate by giving a daily talk at 1400 on stand 225.

Here’s a preview of Steve’s talk:

“Organisation A is an early adopter of ITIL in the 1990’s and is now v3. Despite all the efforts to document their processes however (knowledge management, streamlined and tuned thresholds), customers are complaining and they are experiencing churn. They are wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Organisation B has modelled processes. Check. They have knowledge management. Check. They have streamlined and tuned thresholds. Check. But organisation B is experiencing industry leading NPS and lowest number of customer complaints. How are they able to achieve that? Because they have coupled knowledge management, modelled processes and automation with some of the fastest resolution times for critical incidents.

That is the why. Why organisation A is falling behind although on the surface they are doing nothing wrong.  Why organisation B will continue to reduce churn, avoid cost and increase bottom line profitability.”

Resolve Systems maximises service desk resources by enabling agents to make decisions faster. View the demo on stand 225 for your chance to win an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with voice recognition.

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