Customer experience and connecting IT to corporate objectives are the biggest priorities for service desks and IT support professionals in the next 12 months.

72% of visitors to SITS17 questioned by digital workplace specialist Ivanti said that “improving end user experience” is one of their strategic priorities.   

Organisations also expressed a need for improved analytics.   “Analytics for incident/problem and availability management” and “analytics for user experience and visibility into end-user problems” were both cited as two areas which required attention.

The research suggests that service desks are still engaged in a level of guess work to understand problems.  Improved intelligence will certainly help inform changes that could boost service levels.

The good news, however, is that understanding of the importance of customer experience and business value has clearly improved.  Service desks were until recently driven predominately by processes and efficiency, so it’s pleasing to see the conversation evolving into more strategic matters. 

Strategies such as DevOps and Business Relationship Management (BRM) are likely to feature heavily in the coming year considering the results of this survey.  Both of these approaches are concerned with improving value, solidifying the connection between IT and the business strategy.

Automation is also gaining more attention because it is seen as the most realistic to free up IT resources to focus on strategic and customer-focused issues.  Ian Aitchison, senior product director at Ivanti explains more about the impact of IT automation. 

“Businesses require IT to help provide technology and solutions which drive the business forward, and not just support it. Through simplification, integration, and automation, many tasks like onboarding new employees, and replacing lost or damaged phones, that used to consume time and money can now be automated. The process of automation allows IT to focus on innovation by changing the way we test, measure and create new services and revenue streams.”

Matt Hooper of Ivanti explains how to rethink IT automation to unlock higher quality of services.

Natalie Calvert explains the scientific reason to improve customer experience on the service desk.

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