A new approach is needed to motivate service desk professionals tired of being bombarded with the same, unimaginative messages.  Geoff Ramm, keynote speaker at SDI18 explains.

In his keynote at the SDI Conference, Geoff will explain to the service desk audience why motivation has failed to keep pace with how service and support industries have evolved.

“I’ve worked in the service sector for a long time and the problem is, nothing has really changed in 30 years. The two lessons about customer service that are repeated over and over: go the extra mile, and exceed expectations. If you say these things to your service desk staff, they are not going to listen.”

Geoff explained to SITS Insight how he hopes his keynote speech will inspire service desk leaders to adopt a different approach. “I’ll be explaining Celebrity Service at SDI18. The principle is this: if a top Hollywood star tweeted or called your organisation, or walked into a store, how would you treat them? And crucially, how would your treatment of this big star differ the service you offer to the average customer?”Celebrity Service by Geoff Ramm 

In his morning workshop, Geoff will be detailing the thinking behind Celebrity Service, while a practical session in the afternoon aims to give delegates skills and lessons to take back to the office with them.  Click here to learn more about Celebrity Service, the book and approach which Geoff is updating with new stories and examples for 2018.

Customer service: a company-wide challenge
Geoff says that attitudes to service are thankfully changing. He said it was once a siloed discipline which organisations preferred to leave in the hands of the call centre or customer service department. Yet now, businesses such as Specsavers, Xerox, IHG are asking Geoff to speak to everyone within the business. “It’s especially important for departments which don’t talk to customers to understand the impact their work has. For example, the accounts department may alter the billing process, but until they see the reaction of the customer reacting negatively to what this change means to the check out process, they won’t understand what a vital role they play in customer experience. Everyone in the business is involved in providing a memorable customer experience.”

Learn more about the speakers and other activities at SDI18 here.

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