The blurring of lines between internal and external service is creating mutual benefits for both services desks and contact centres. 

Shaun Earey, UK field marketing manager for Freshworks says that the practice of bringing internal and external service closer together is teaching each party how to improve.  “It’s powerful to connect the contact centre and service so they can compare best practice and understand where they are not joined up.”

While contact centres can help service desks improve understanding of customer experience, the service desk is able to reciprocate, albeit from a different perspective. “The service desk market, particularly in the UK, has many more resources such as ITIL and a better community of people, which help drive improvements. The contact centre market lacks this kind of support and infrastructure so the service desk professionals could certainly suggest way to improve this situation.”

Freshworks offers products to both service desks and contact centres and Shaun says this allows it to see the overlap and the differences between these two disciplines. This perspective has helped him understand that service desks should look even further afield than the contact centre for inspiration according to Shaun.  “What can we learn from marketers about speaking to customers? What can we learn from HR about communicating with people? There needs to be more collaboration between departments and individuals to help improve customer experience and usability of IT within the business.”

Back in June, Freshworks became the umbrella brand, replacing the name Freshdesk. In the new structure, Freskservice is the service desk product which sits alongside Freshdesk (external service) as part of the Freshworks portfolio.  This acknowledges the fact that while there is significant overlap between each discipline, there are nuances within internal and external service which means there is a need for unique products.

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