Visitors to SDI18 were advised to learn from an impressive and eclectic line up of speakers during the conference. But most importantly, they must put what they learn into action and move out of their comfort zone. 

Opening keynote speaker Nigel Risner told the audience of service desk leaders that the ideas and suggestions they hear during the conference won’t help them unless they took action. “When all is said and done, much more is said than done.  We can give you all the info, but you have to take action.”

Nigel Risner explains the four ‘animal’ types service desk leaders must communicate with

The concept of leadership must also be reevaluated according to Nigel.  “Partnerships are the way forward, you are far stronger collectively. Ask yourself, what are my key partnerships and what could I do to make them 5% stronger?”

Nigel also explained his principle of the service desk zoo, explaining four distinct personality types based on animal archetypes (elephant, dolphin, monkey, lion). He says that service desk managers must speak to each ‘animal’ in a language they understand, rather than the blanket approach to communication favoured by most departments.

“We all respond to different ideas and goals and you must learn that people are very different and speak to each person in their language – not your own.”

For his final call to action, Nigel underlined the importance of being bold.   “There are massive rewards when you take risks.  If you stay in your comfort zone, nothing changes.”

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