Richmond Systems says its latest release ‘frees’ IT support workers by making the power of its enterprise-grade service desk accessible from any location.

Richmond ServiceDesk v13 has been re-engineered to work on the latest smartphones and tablet device, without the compromises that other mobile service desk tools force upon customers.  

Eric Wight, managing director of Richmond Systems, says that to enable mobile working, service desks previously had to compromise. “To manage IT support on the move, service desks either had to use a drastically ‘cut-down’ system, or a use a light client which required them to sync data. Both approaches cause frustration and conflicting records.  Richmond Service v13 gives you the mobility and the functionality needed in the enterprise.”

Just like its previous product developments, Eric says that v13 is based on customer requests. “The previous mobile version of Richmond ServiceDesk was adequate, but since it was created, the importance of mobile devices for business has grown exponentially. Giving our customers a mobile service desk that works seamlessly on own their device allows them to work the way the want to and not be ‘chained’ to their desks.”


Read Eric’s blog: Why IT support jobs are now business critical.

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