Reducing public sector waste could save billions of pounds and fund an additional one million key workers.

Using a standardised approach to technology and processes, and creating an open working culture between public sector organisations could yield savings of £46 billion, according to Better Public Services: A Manifesto’.

Presented at the Institute for Government, the manifesto calls for a radical shake-up of the public sector. The authors, comprised entrepreneurs and academics, propose a ‘lego government’ model that would make it easier to use existing processes and products to be replicate service across departments and organisations, and better collaboration to ensure mistakes were only made once.  The ‘lego block’ approach would mirror best practice used by organisations such as Google and Amazon to offer ‘plug and play’ IT services. 

Other recommendations include moving public sector and suppliers to open book accounting to improve transparency and help each party learn the most efficient way to roll out future projects and a 40% reduction in duplicate administrative and managerial processes.

“Our government and political class need to respond much more effectively than they have done so far to the opportunity presented by the open culture, standards and shared plumbing of the internet. This is a fantastic chance to modernise the way our public sector works, directing significant resource away from massively duplicated administrative and managerial functions and back into frontline services,”  says Dr Mark Thompson, senior lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School and co-author of the manifesto.

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