IT service management software provider Marval has achieved the international standard for information and data IT security:  ISO/IEC 27001.

To pass the audit, Marval had to ‘prove its adherence to a strict framework of policies and procedures’.  These cover myriad aspects of the business, including legal, physical and technical controls.

Certification continues to be a major calling card for Marval.  It holds ISO/IEC 20000 certification (the global standard for service management), while its ITSM product has been assessed by PinkVerify to 15 ITIL processes and reached gold level under the AXELOS ITIL Software Scheme.

Marval believes that by meeting the standards required by its customers, it gains greater understanding of their challenges and is able to develop products and services better suited to their needs.

“Achieving ISO/IEC 27001 has been challenging but very rewarding. The certification process was long and thorough, and it required a lot of preparation and commitment by our team and management. A big part of it was about gathering relevant information to support and document our current practices and ways of working,” said Richard West, global service desk manager for Marval.

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