IT leaders may have been applauded for defiantly refusing to upgrade IT systems, but their parsimonious ways are now slowing the business down and costing money.

Research from Kaseya shows that legacy systems are the biggest challenge faced by IT leaders. Outdated systems are hampering growth and innovation at a time when businesses need to be nimble and efficient to compete.

IT security is set to be the other main challenge for businesses in 2018 and the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a big reason for concern.  With cybersecurity already a major concern, the threat of fines caused by failure to comply with GDPR ensures that IT security will remain a high profile challenge.

Kaseya says that a lack of investment is chiefly responsible for both of these problems, with old systems and outdated working practices making businesses sluggish and vulnerable.

“It is important to understand that businesses of all sizes can benefit from IT maturity, enabling decisions to be made on a more informed basis. Firms must begin to harness all the new technology that is available to them, especially in terms of data security with the impending GDPR regulation on the horizon” said Taunia Kipp, global senior vice president of marketing for Kaseya.

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