Demand for high-quality IT skills is buoying the employment market, with 59% of IT professionals expecting a pay hike this year.

Research from Robert Walters shows that 41% of IT workers also expect a bonus in 2018, further underlining the confidence of staff in the current climate.

Employers seem set to oblige, with 71% planning to increase their IT payroll burden this year. Demand for skilled IT workers may be driven primarily by the need for web development and security experts. But Ahsan Iqbal, associate director at Robert Walters says the upbeat outlook goes beyond those skill sets. 

“Demand for specialists across cybersecurity and development has been high for the past few years, driven by the rising threat of cyber-crime and the drive towards digitalisation projects. As a result, salaries for IT and tech professionals are already at a notably high level as employers compete to secure top talent,” says Ahsan.

Although these conditions may make it difficult for smaller organisations to attract the top talent purely using buying power, Ahsan says they can compete in different ways. Increasingly, IT professionals are emphasising the importance of a good work-life balance when considering a role. By embracing flexible working strategies and putting policies in place to allow staff to work remotely, an employer may be able to gain an edge over competitors.”

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