Service desk products are increasingly treated as a commoditised tools, yet they have never been more important. Is it time to stop dumbing down the service desk and give the function the respect it deserves?

The commoditisation of service desk tools is ‘dumbing down’ the IT support industry at a time when effective IT service and support are more complex and mission-critical than ever.  That’s the view of Eric Wright, managing director of Richmond Systems who says that many cloud-based call logging tools are over-simplifying what is clearly a highly-skilled professional service. 

Speaking at the launch of Richmond ServiceDesk v12, Eric admits that all products and services become increasingly commoditised as they mature.  But he thinks that in haste to make products user-friendly, many tools have removed vital functionality. 

“We shouldn’t be dumbing down the service desk.  Providing and supporting IT services is not becoming easier.  The range of devices is expanding, as is the number of critical cloud services that comprise today’s IT estate.  As the importance of IT for all businesses grows, so does the imperative to align technology with business objectives.  There’s greater demand for ‘instant’ IT support via self-service portals and higher expectations of service quality. Removing functionality may make it easier for IT professionals to learn a system, but in the long run, it massively limits their ability to operate effectively.”

Too often, service desk software is bought because of the low upfront price and because it is accessible.  However, this is a reductive approach that shows little regard for how complex IT support is.  

“The only way to deliver effective IT services and support today is by employing intelligent and determined individuals and supporting them with comprehensive, enterprise-level products that have the functionality and scale needed.  We need to show more respect for our service desk staff and also the tools they rely on,” says Eric.

Richmond ServiceDesk v12 features a number of enhancements based on feedback from service desk customers.  The headline improvements include the ability to export data to multiple third-party reporting tools and enhanced customisation of the self-service portal.  “Creating a self-service portal or customer service portal used to be a laborious exercise involving either coding skills or expensive customisation.  With Richmond ServiceDesk, it’s drag-and-drop operation and the enhancements within V12 make it easier to customise every aspect of your customer service portal.”

You can learn more about Richmond ServiceDesk v12 here.
Read Eric’s blog – IT has left the building – is your service desk keeping up?


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