IT leaders think that improving technology projects speeds and cost reduction programmes are more important than shoring up cybersecurity.

This is despite the increasing occurrence of high-profile security scandals, the most recent being the Equifax data breach that exposed the data of 400,000 UK residents.

A survey by IT systems management provider Kaseya found that just 21% of the 900 businesses questioned say that IT security is their main priority, despite the catastrophic damage to both systems and brand that a major breach can cause.  This is despite 40% of the respondents admitting that IT security is the second more important challenge.

Fears of a security meltdown are further increased because many respondents say their IT  systems are woefully outdated.  These legacy systems are hampering growth and innovation for 44% of respondents, while also presenting a greater likelihood of a security breach because of their antiquated nature.

Despite these fears, Taunia Kipp, global senior vice president of marketing for Kaseya says that the research shows that many businesses are showing signs of IT maturity.  “One of the most important findings in our annual survey of SMB and midmarket enterprises and their IT practices is a significant year-over-year increase in the number of what we call ‘mature’ organisations. As companies of all sizes embrace modern tactics and leverage strategic new technology, such as the cloud, predictive analytics and advanced security, they become more ‘mature’ as an IT organisation as a result.”

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