The latest version of Bomgar remote support tool includes features designed to help service desks comply with the incoming GDPR compliance mandates.

The updates to Bomgar Remote Support 18.1 mean that organisations can demonstrate consent for personal data collection and comply with ‘right to erasure’ requests. These are critical elements which must be complied with once the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May this year. 

Bomgar’s remote support technology allows technicians to take over PCs and devices, collaboratively chatting with users in order to deliver fast IT fixes.  Further enhancements to 18.1 improve the user experience and beef up security, again an important consideration for GDPR.

“Security must be central to an organisations’ data privacy strategy to ensure they can control and protect access to the systems that hold personal data,” said Martin Willoughby, SVP, general counsel and chief privacy officer at Bomgar.

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