SITS18 speaker Dr Don Page – the Godfather of ITIL, will challenge visitors to improve service performance in 30 minutes.  Here he explains how he got into the IT support market and the biggest challenges the industry faces.

SITS: How did you get into IT?
Don: While working on the market from the age of eight to 16, I was taught a simple yet hugely valuable lesson. If customers do not get the service and products they want – they go elsewhere. My next step was the Army. They taught me about teamwork and the importance of good process. After these lessons, IT service and support was a natural next step.

Don Page, Marval

SITS: What’s the single biggest challenge in your work?
DonPeople and culture. These have been the critical challenges for many years but organisations are still trying to get the blend right.

SITS: What’s one emerging trend or research that anyone working in your field should know?
Don: Successful service improvement is all about an integrated approach to the four Ps: People, Process, Partners and Products and in that order.

SITS: What are the key points you’ll be covering in your seminar session at this year’s SITS?
Don: In my session, I’ll be explaining how to improve your service level performance in 30 minutes by changing your approach to your key asset: your people.

The session will explain:
– Why it’s important to keep your promises
– What is the key SLM performance data to make your management take notice
– How to highlight where 2nd and 3rd line teams and suppliers can improve their value
– What are “emotional metrics” and why are they the way forward?

SITS: Why are events like SITS an important event for the industry?
Don: SITS is key to the industry, as it is attended by people who are service and people-focused. If that was not the case, service delivery and service improvement would be controlled by the ‘techies’, whose focus may not always be on service.

SITS: What are the common misconceptions about the industry you would like to change?
Don: I have two that spring to mind immediately. Misconception 1: The next ‘fashionable’ trend is the answer to all common failings! People need to stop simply following trends and spend time understanding the business problem they need to solve and the outcomes they need.

Misconception 2: Training for your ITSM tool is not really essential as software products should be intuitive! To get the best out of anything a deep understanding brought together through training is essential.

Don’s seminar: Improve your service level performance in 30 mins takes place at 1000 on Tuesday, June 5 at SITS18. Register now for your free ticket.

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