It’s a good time to be a cyber security expert or software developer.  Research from Robert Walters UK shows these to be the two most in-demand technology skill sets at a time when the best IT staff is already high.

The number of tech jobs is up 4% year-on-year, with demand from both large organisations and SMEs for the best employees.   Ahsan Iqbal, associate director for Robert Walters UK says that demand for quality staff was already high and 2017 has seen another surge driven by market forces. 

“The recent Wannacry cyber attack has once again highlighted the importance of robust cyber security systems, and specialists in this area are highly sought after by employers.  In addition, ongoing digitalisation projects from employers across a range of industries are driving demand for developers.”

Ashan says that these conditions mean that employees need to move quickly to secure IT talent.  For IT professionals, the boom means that salaries are likely to climb further still.  Digitisation and IT security are important issues impacting organisations of every size and from any sector, so for skilled IT workers, the future looks very bright indeed.

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