The relentless decline of PC sales seen in the last few years has finally ended. 

Figures from analyst IDC show that PC shipments have finally stopped falling, while positive notebook sales in Western Europe mean that fully-featured computers have completed their comeback. 

The renaissance has been led by ultra-slim notebooks, notably Chromebooks.  These have proven so popular because they combine the portability of a tablet but with the usefulness of full sized keyboards and a fully functional operating system.

The emergence of tablet computers following the launch of the Apple iPad sparked a trend that transformed how businesses use technology.  As tablets grew in sophistication, it seemed likely that traditional computers would become redundant.  However, as the limitations of tablets have grown more obvious, and the size of mobile phone screens has grown, the mass appeal of tablets for business has dwindled.

Service desks must be mindful of how customer behaviour changes on a regular basis.  Self-service portals must be adjusted, knowledge articles kept current, and service desk professionals must be aware of how their customers prefer to work, if they are to deliver the kind of services and support the business needs.

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