In this second part of a two-part blog, Darren Bird, head of technology at Xeretec considers print security in the context of the external risks posed in the digital era and what can be done to keep print secure.

Darren Bird, Xeretec

I think there is a reason why organisations place a lower priority on print security. Simply put, print, as a business function, is often overlooked. Only recently have companies started to wake up to the fact that unmanaged print is a hidden – yet considerable – cost to an organisation. If print costs are only starting to become a realisation for many companies, then it may take even longer for them to appreciate the security vulnerabilities that print and print devices expose a business to.

Another factor could be that we typically view security as being a ‘computer’ or a ‘network’ problem. It’s widely thought that it’s their content which is of value to a hacker, which is true – but a gateway to those robustly protected assets could be the innocuous MFP in the corner of the office. Businesses need to realise that it’s just as important to protect the gateway as it is to protect the assets cybercriminals want to steal. 

One of my concerns centres on whether businesses are simply unaware of the security risks that printers pose. I think it’s vital that print security becomes an integral part of end-users’ IT security policies.  I regularly work with clients to review their device security to ensure that it continues to be fit for purpose.

While no one knows what the rest of 2017 holds, one thing is for sure – hackers will remain as active as ever.  Feel free to get in touch, I can help ensure that your devices are as well protected as they can be against internal and external risks and, between us, we can make hackers’ lives harder while protecting your company’s data, brand and reputation.

Xeretec will be exhibiting at SITS on stand 300, showcasing its print security solutions and its partnership with McAfee.

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