Digital transformation promises to reduce costs and create better services.  But trying to achieve it is taking its toll on ITSM professionals according to research from Axios Systems.

The ITSM Trends 2017 whitepaper shows that while digital transformation is helping to forge improvements in key areas such as IT security and service innovation, staff are paying the price.  The survey shows that morale has decreased in the past year, with respondents complaining about the lack of resource and dwindling budgets.

Human psychology means people are happier when working effectively, so not being able to meet the high demands placed on them by the business is sure to cause stress.  The survey is a timely reminder for service desk and IT managers to realistically balance expectations of digital transformation, especially where money is tight.

The survey also highlights service experience as a key driver for 2017, suggesting that collaboration and knowledge-sharing must improve to deliver a more consumer-like experience for IT customers.  One area that could help is automation, with the survey stating that more automation projects will start this year.  However, it also says that more than half of these projects will be abandoned during the next three years.  Automation is indeed a powerful tool that can relieve pressure on service desks, but it must be deployed and maintained intelligently to deliver the value businesses expect.

Download the full whitepaper from Axios, ITSM Trends 2017.

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