Following the high-demand for our previous self-service ebook, published by USU, we have answered your call for more and produced a second edition, detailing some more practical steps to really nailing self-service. 

In the previous post ‘Everything you need to know about self-service’ we offered some examples of how self-service can be done a quick, easy and cost effective way. In this new guide from USU, you can actually learn the six fundamental steps to launching and implementing self-service.

When discussing this latest eBook and  SITS Event Manager Toby Moore said:

“Self-Service is just becoming so vital to every IT service team now, customers get such value out of taking control of their support journey and modern Service Desks certainly require the flexibility self-service offers.”

Complete the download form below to read the eBook now, and you will learn:

1. How to change your customers perspective

 2. How to merge ‘service’ and ‘support’

3. How to simplify your interfaces

4.  How integrate with IM, mobile and social

5. How to maintain a proactive self-service

6. How to boost the speed and quality of your services


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Author Bio:

Becky Webb

Marketing Manager

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