Why not start your visit to SITS with an educational panel debate and free breakfast?

Both days of the show kicked off with a Breakfast Briefing, ensuring that even if you could only get out of the office for a few hours you could still see some great content.

Tuesday 5 June 2018

08.30 – 09.30
Can we manage the future? The changing role of IT Service Management

Speaker: David Wheable, Vice President and Principal Consultant, Forrester Research
Panel: Roberto Casetta, Head of Global Sales, Axios Systems Limited; Andy Kettlety, Service Desk Manager, Somerset County Council; and Stephen Mann, Principal Analyst & Content Director, ITSM Tools

David Wheable, VP & Principal Consultant at Forrester, will discuss the rapidly changing IT landscape and how technology is empowering both employees and customers. Shaping how they interact with organisations now and in the future. A panel discussion of industry experts will follow. They will share their real-life experience touching on the points raised by David but also answering questions from the audience and social channels.

Key Take Aways

  • The rise of AI & the adoption of a shift left strategy
  • Why Customer Experience within the Service Management matters more than ever
  • How Big Data will influence Service Management delivery in the future

Wednesday 6 June 2018

08.30 – 09.30
The state of the help desk profession: A 2018 report

Speaker: Dr James Stanger, PhD, Senior Director, Products, CompTIA


Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the future of desktop support. On the one hand, we’ve got AI, chatbots and digital transformation fundamentally changing the tech support and help desk field. Yet, we’re seeing more help desk jobs than ever before.

Join CompTIA’s Dr. James Stanger as he discusses critical changes that have changed – and will change – the help desk. He’ll discuss the “northward drift” of the skill sets required of the help desk. He’ll also discuss the needs that today’s companies worldwide need, including increased cloud, security, and troubleshooting knowledge. This will be a data-driven presentation, using information gathered from IT experts working for corporations around the world.

Key Take Aways

  • CompTIA research shows that more help desk jobs are available now, and will continue to be available. It’s a positive trend. Certain tier 1 positions have been replaced – but many more are available for those with the right skills
  • Help desk and tech support professionals are being asked to bring more to the table: Cloud, Linux, network troubleshooting, and security are examples of critical skills they now need to know
  • Specific network troubleshooting, Linux, cloud, and security skills, including understanding multi-factor authentication