Ahead of his seminar session at SITS18, find out more about Jocelyn Arcega, senior solution architect from Resolve Systems – who’ll be talking ‘incident resolution’ at the show.

SITS: How did you get into IT?
I’ve been in IT right since the start of my career. I started out working in customer service for Apple many years ago, I then branched out into working in IT service management for a decade before becoming a solution architect for an IT operation vendor.

SITS: What’s the single biggest challenge in your work?
Ensuring that we as a company stay one or two steps ahead of our competition at all times.

SITS: What is my view on automation?
I believe automation is the future and will drive one the single biggest changes in the working environment of nearly all human beings in the next ten to fifteen years.

SITS: Best advice you’ve been given?
Choose somebody that you admire, and before you enter in the situation which could make you nervous, put yourself in their shoes, and think how they would behave and react. I still do that to this day.

Jocelyn Arcega, Resolve

Jocelyn Arcega, Resolve

SITS: What tips would you give service desk and IT support professionals?
Adopt knowledge, specifically drive knowledge to all parties within the service desk in order to empower and enable and allow people to do their jobs more effectively.

The service desk is changing, you should own the change, not suffer it. There is a lot of good tech out there to help you step up your game, look for it before someone else push it on you.

SITS: What are the keypoints you’ll be covering in your seminar session at SITS?
Key points are: how next-generation automation will enable and empower the service desk to do more and with more productivity.

SITS: Why would you recommend SITS?
Fantastic vendor, small enough event that you get a personal touch, unlike other events.

Catch Jocelyn at SITS on Tuesday 5 June at 1.30pm in Theatre 1. 

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