SITS Insight has recently launched a YouTube channel showcasing three of the most popular speakers at SITS17. James West introduces the stars of these videos.

I was very fortunate this year to be able to sit down with three of the most popular SITS17 presenters, asking them some follow up questions and getting their feedback on the sessions.  These video interviews have been uploaded to YouTube and I’m going to introduce them here.

Natalie Calvert of CX High Performance delivered an excellent and advice-packed keynote session on customer experience. Natalie is as engaging as she is smart.  She has helped brands such as O2, Audi and Lego improve their front line service team performance and there really is no greater authority on improving customer experience.  If you missed her session at SITS17, take a look at the video and follow her on Twitter.

The next video to highlight is Simon Kent of Sollertis. Simon has always been one of the most popular individuals in the world of ITSM.  Along with this likability comes formidable knowledge and passion for Business Relationship Management and helping IT deliver business value. Simon is blazing a trail for a more pragmatic and people-centric way of delivering and supporting business IT and you should certainly be making time to read his blogs and follow him on Twitter.

Finally, I’m pleased to highlight the interview with Georgina Owens of Vodafone. Many representatives of high profile organisations prove to be disappointingly tight-lipped when speaking at events – clearly constrained by the threat of damaging the brand by saying the wrong thing.  Georgina was refreshingly honest.  She explained the problems she had working at previous organisations and at her present employer.  This candid approach meant that the advice she gave seemed even more authentic.


For more from Natalie, read her blog about the scientific reason why service desks need to focus on customer experience. And finally, read Simon Kent’s latest SITS Insight blog about cloning your service desk superhero.

The scientific reason to improve service desk customer experience

How to clone your service desk superhero

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