As we continue to preview SITS17, we talk to Matt Hooper of Ivanti.  He talks about his introduction to the world of ITSM, why IT must lead digital transformation and his views on SITS.

– How did you get into the ITSM industry?
I didn’t.  The ITSM industry got into me.  I started my career while going to a technical high school in the late 80s working on VAX systems, then took a role in tech support for Microsoft supporting DOS 6.22.  As I worked up the IT ranks into desktop support, systems engineering, internet services, IT director and ultimately CIO, I always focus on business outcomes.

Matt Hooper, Ivanti

Matt Hooper, Ivanti

To this day I don’t see ITSM separate from any IT function.   Either you want to do IT ad-hoc and chaotic, or you want to provide technology that optimizes businesses in a managed way, otherwise known as IT service management.   At 25 I was managing the largest infrastructure for the highest revenue producing systems of a $4.3Billion supply chain manufacturing company.   You don’t survive as the youngest manager of a logistics enterprise being ad-hoc.  Process, metrics, policies and best practice were my lifeblood.

– Tell us about your seminar; what are you most excited about sharing?
On Wednesday, I’m part of a panel focused on digital transformation.  It is vital that IT operations and support professionals pay attention to this shift of business towards digital-first.  Roles and skills are drastically changing in modern enterprises.  For my presentation on Thursday, I am going to help IT professionals leverage their ITSM skills to insert themselves into a leadership position within their organisations digital transformation efforts.  It takes a completely new mindset towards ITSM however.  The legacy thinking around command and control, ITIL practice, will not position them as digital transformation leaders.  In fact, this approach will exclude them from the conversations around digital transformation.  I’m excited to share how IT operations can step back into a thought-leadership role on how organisations can scale and grow.

Either you want to do IT ad-hoc and chaotic, or you want to provide technology that optimizes businesses in a managed way

– What challenges do you think your session will help visitors overcome?
My session will breakdown three key areas for personal reflection:

  • Who does IT think they are?
  • Who does the business think IT is?
  • How do high-performing IT organisations answer these questions?

Many at the SITS conference are suffering from an identity crisis.  They have been brainwashed into believing they are a service provider to some internal customer of their organisation.  They live their lives in frustration of not being funded and invested in to properly support business outcomes.  They have neither the tools or the influence to create the game changing experiences the business is demanding.  What many don’t realise is they put themselves in this position, with their communication, approach, and interactions. 

– What other hot topics do you think visitors should investigate?
Attendees should be on the look out for new and emerging topics.  There is a panel session on AI, a session on IT4IT and BRM, these are topics senior management will start asking about.  Knowledge and insight into how and where these are being applied will help attendees increase their value and enable their organisations.  None of them conflict with my session, so that’s good too!

– What part has SITS played in shaping your journey through the industry?
As a yank it hasn’t too much.  I was first introduced to SITS when my ITSM Podcast colleagues James Finister, Patrick Bolger, Barclay Rae, Chris Matchett, and Stephen Mann used to record a podcast from the event.  When I joined Ivanti, formerly LANDESK, I was invited to come over in 2015.  It was a great experience for me.  We don’t run tradeshows like this in the states anymore.  It was reminiscent of COMDEX from the 90s.   I was invited to speak on two sessions last year, and this year as well.  It’s a great honor, and I’m always thrilled to share my experiences and insights with others. For me it’s also a great chance to meet and greet many of my social media friends and see them present and share their ideas.

– What’s one tip would you offer to IT service and support professionals to drive their IT services forward?
Attend my session!  Other than that, re-think how you are creating a digital experience across the enterprise, and how these can leverage value to your end customers.


Attending SITS is not an investment in SITS, it’s an investment in yourself


– In addition to your seminar session, why would you recommend others to visit SITS?
The exhibition hall is amazing.  Attending SITS is not an investment in SITS, it’s an investment in yourself.

We are not enabled enough in IT operations and every year we see companies passionately focused on solving a problem we are experiencing.   I have been attending IT conference for over 20 years, and I can honestly say I’ve learned as much, if not more, speaking with the sponsors.  I’m intrigued to understand what they do? How they do it? What’s different about them?

I love to see new interfaces and see new ways of solving old problems.  Some I am looking forward to checking out (unsolicited by the way):

  • ComAround for KCS technology – knowledge management is so powerful.
  • ServiceFlow for SIAM focus, SIAM is hot right now and growing.
  • Idalko, looks like they are bridging IT Ops and Dev.  DevOps plays are really, really hot right now.
  • I learned about Happy Signals in 2016, will be very interested to see how they are developing.  Metrics and feedback is a big part of DevOps.

Attending SITS is not an investment in SITS, it’s an investment in yourself.

Matthew Hooper is product evangelist for IT management software provider Ivanti.  He is speaking on both days of SITS17.

Don’t call it ‘digital’ transformation – it’s organisation and people
Wednesday, June 7 – 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm. Keynote Theatre
Speaking: Barclay Rae, Matthew Hooper

Create enterprise agility through digital transformation
SITS17.  Thursday, June 8 – 1:30 pm2:10 pm, Theatre 3.


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