With 37 offices and 1600 employees helping support 41 million endpoint devices, the combined LANDESK/HEAT creates an IT behemoth.   CEO Steve Daly explains that rather than leaving behind its ITSM legacy, the new company will put IT front and centre.

When companies the size of LANDESK and Heat combine, there is a tendency to move “up the food chain”.  Niche IT providers combine forces and expand their portfolio to compete for bigger deals. Large IT service management providers often become broad, enterprise IT providers to get even bigger deals when they join forces.  It’s a natural occurrence driven by market demands.  But this trend is why all to often, customers of the original product or service are left behind.

The combined LANDESK/HEAT will certainly be big.  And it will certainly compete for bigger deals against bigger competitors.  But according to its CEO Steve Daly, LANDESK/HEAT will certainly not move away from its IT service management legacy.

“We live in the age of the digital workplace and IT service management is the centrepiece of this new world.  We have many tools available, but they are too disparate. These elements need automating and integrating. ITSM needs someone to pull it all together, and this is what LANDESK/HEAT will do.” 

IT departments must be the fulcrum for ITSM according to Steve.  “We’ve seen enterprise service management receive a lot of coverage and there is merit in applying service management principles to other departments.  But we’re not going to chase enterprise service management, our innovation is focusing on the IT element.

“ITSM needs someone to pull it all together, and this is what LANDESK/HEAT will do.”

“The tech that we’ll bring to the workplace, it’s about end-user management and security.  It’s about IT technicians and leaders, not HR, or facilities.  This is about IT.  We need cool innovation in service management, and we need to think differently about making every end-user more effective.  We believe no one is fulfilling this role currently.”

Steve underlines the point that his new organisation, which will be renamed later this year,  takes its role of improving ITSM very seriously. “The cornerstone of this new company will be the IT service management platform.”

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