Future predictions made by analyst IDC point to a very different profile and role for ITSM professionals. How will your role change?

IT will be driven from the highest level to contribute to business objectives rather than traditional measures of success. By 2020, IDC says that 80% of IT leaders will be paid based on metrics “that measure IT’s effectiveness in driving business performance and growth”. This will mean that IT professionals will be led away from IT operational measures towards delivering against business goals.

This shift away from day-to-day IT management means that progressive use of technology will take centre stage.  75% of CIOs who fail to shift IT towards innovation and distortion “will fail in their role” by 2022.

To free up resources, IT will increasingly rely on automation, with 70% of CIO expected to “aggressively apply data and AI” by 2021. Supporting IT’s change of emphasis, 65% of IT leaders will expand their use of agile and DevOps practices.

The scale of shift means that IT is expected to suffer a damaging skills shortage. The lack of skills means that at least 30% of the required skills pool will be inadequate. This means that training and retention will become “differentiating strategies” for organisations.   

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