This year the enterprise IT will allocate an average of one-third of their budgets to cloud and hosted services according to 451 Research.     In 2016, the figure was 28% and the researchers say this figure is increasing every year.  James West considers what this means for IT departments. 

It appears everything is being thrown into the cloud; infrastructure, applications, IT services, IT management and security.  Even scaremongering surrounding cybercrime is failing to stem the growth pattern.  Unless we understand and address the cloud trend, enterprise IT as we know it will disappear from the enterprise.

The drivers
So why is this happening? Is it because cloud is the best solution? In many cases, yes.  Cloud can be a very cost-effective, flexible way to deliver and adjust IT services, negating the need for large upfront investment and offering attractive ongoing pricing. 

But is cloud also popular because businesses are tired of waiting for non-responsive, inflexible internal IT teams?  In many cases, yes. 

We live in an impatient society which demands instant gratification from technology.  Apps and video download almost immediately.  Amazon can now deliver goods within a few hours.  Yet technology found in the typical enterprise is at best lagging behind, and at worst, embarrassingly anachronistic.

If cloud is able to help businesses to cost-effectively deliver faster, more effective IT services, this is a positive outcome.  Those who lament the exclusivity of “in-house” IT must recognise this is an outdated view.   Businesses need technology that delivers benefits and value, and is responsive to change.  Therefore, we should embrace such tools that exist, including cloud, to create the type of enterprise IT that businesses need, not the IT we have delivered in the past.

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