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Christmas Shopping

Smartphones deliver merry Christmas for IT-savvy businesses

Smartphones will account for 10 per cent of retail sales this Christmas, generating £3.5 billion according to consultant Deloitte, with over £300 million worth of items purchased directly via handsets.   Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to research prices and reviews, along with managing shopping lists, and utilising social media channels to reduce duplication […]

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Social block, 360

Restricted social media at work? There’s worse to come

Employees begrudgingly accept online activity during work hours, however Gartner predicts that 60 per cent of organisations will have implemented formal programmes to observe staff’s electronic behaviour on social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, by 2015. Organisations hope that the capturing and analysing of activity on personal websites will help reduce the risk of critical […]

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SDITS12 review, 360

The joy and pain of SDITS12

Day one of SDITS12 was a watershed moment for the UK ITSM industry, according to James West, with real change evident.  So why was he in professional despair just 24 hours later? I’ve been attending SDITS in its various incarnations for over ten years, long enough to remember the Touchpaper ice rink (yes really) and […]

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IT smartdesk, 360

Start-ups offered free social IT support platform

IT SmartDesk has announced that its social support platform is now available for free to new-start companies, in a move designed to support small enterprises that cannot justify the expense of a dedicated IT specialist. The platform aims to bring social and community IT support, usually only found within much larger organisations, to new businesses, with […]

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Twitter Pat, 360

Connect with those who share your ITSM problems

ITSM professionals struggling to see value in Twitter are being urged to join the conversation around SDITS (Service Desk & IT Support Show) and see how the online community shares ideas and solves universal problems. Pat Bolger, chief evangelist at Hornbill, understands why some people still consider social media ‘time wasting’ but explains how tools such as […]

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desk com, 360 promises IT support, without an IT department

Businesses can now build an effective, multi-channel, mobile support operation, including social networking, over a single weekend without any IT staff. That’s the bold pledge of, which has promised to transform how IT support technology is delivered and priced in a same way it redefined CRM software in the late nineties. With licences starting […]

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Frieda, 360

How does social media fit into the ITSM world? – by Frieda Morton-Evans

We’re bombarded with growth figures and press coverage hyping the importance of social media, but can under-resourced service desks justify the time needed to participate? Frieda Morton-Evans looks at the potential of online communities to transform the delivery of IT services and help IT departments get closer to the customers they are supporting.  Not long […]

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