Christmas Shopping

Smartphones deliver merry Christmas for IT-savvy businesses

Smartphones will account for 10 per cent of retail sales this Christmas, generating £3.5 billion according to consultant Deloitte, with over £300 million worth of items purchased directly via handsets.   Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to research prices and reviews, along with managing shopping lists, and utilising social media channels to reduce duplication […]

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Does ‘no attachment’ damage company rep?

Business are increasingly questioning whether email is the most effective way of distributing documents, with a study from Cloud Direct finding that more than half of business leaders believe that problems related to the ageing communication channel can damage their organisations’ reputation. The two primary issues regarding email attachments identified by the research are files […]

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Broken mobile phone, screwdriver and microchips

Why the ‘single standard’ for mobile support is broken

Organisations must rip up the ‘single standard’ for managing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and create a multi-tiered approach which states what services are offered to each device.  As previously reported by ServiceDesk360, BYOD policies are causing headaches for IT staff.  Describing the cultural change which much take place to manage this problem as ‘managed […]

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BYOD acceptance sees doubling of tablet sales

The ongoing debate regarding whether tablet devices are adequate PC replacements appears to be having little impact on their popularity, with Gartner forecasting sales to almost double this year. The analyst expects combined personal and corporate sales to top 120 million units, with the creation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies fuelling adoption within […]

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Chris O'Malley

Embrace tech or oversee a marginalised datacentre

Service desks must embrace fragmented IT while delivering services in an appealing way to business users, or risk seeing their role and importance squeezed out of existence in the next few years. Talking to ServiceDesk360, Chris O’Malley, CEO of Nimsoft, said that IT professionals must be attuned to, and take advantage of, how technology consumption is […]

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Plans to create DIY health service via mobile

The number of consumer mobile devices used to monitor and manage health conditions will reach three million by 2016 according to analyst Juniper, driven by the promise of patient convenience and the use of self-service driving down healthcare costs. With mobile devices becoming more powerful and ubiquitous, medical applications covering a range of conditions – […]

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Pink12 Barclay Rae, 360

Pink12 – what lessons were learnt?

Barclay Rae has recently returned from Pink12 and here shares his thoughts on how the event tackled social media, leadership and the challenges faced by the ITSM industry. Last week I attended the 16th annual Pink Elephant Conference in Las Vegas – my second successive visit.  Last year’s conference was notably for how it challenged […]

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