Concept of DevOps, this represents the communication and collaboration between developers and operations team to automate the continues software delivery process, vector illustration

Please stop asking us to DO DevOps

DevOps is a sound concept that can deliver myriad benefits to both business and IT. But according to Daniel Breston of Qriosity, the approach to DevOps is all too often wrong.  Here he explains the correct starting point and mentality towards DevOps. (more…)

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The service desk and kill chain

Over the past few years, we’ve heard sad (and sometimes tall) tales about the latest ‘zero day’ DDoS, vendor impersonation, and social engineering attacks. One key detail often omitted from reports is an understanding of how companies respond to security incidents.  This session uses case studies from the perspective of the service desk during an […]

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What the movies teach us about service management

Movies aren’t real life, but they all too easily shape our expectations for love and life by seducing us with excitement, heroes and happy endings.  But movies aren’t real life.  Real practical service management should promote boredom, process, collaboration and compromises.  This talk looks at how service management needs to stay rooted in reality and […]

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Barcode Warehouse

Investing in ITSM for competitive advantage

Investing in ITSM can deliver more than automation benefits.  This session explains how Martyn achieved a competitive advantage, enhanced service delivery and the customer experience and positively impacted on operational costs.  Part of its digital transformation strategy required taking an innovative approach and breaking new ground with its ITSM deployment. Barcode now has an enterprise […]

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