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What IT support does your business really want?

It seems an obvious question with an obvious answer: service desks should quickly fix IT and offer technical advice.  Or so prevalent wisdom says.  Eric Wright of Richmond Systems urges you to think about the services you deliver to see if you’re offering value – or wasting time and money. (more…)

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Making IT flow using IT4IT

At SITS15, Tony discussed if ITIL was still suitable for the new style of fast moving IT, and introduced IT4IT as an alternative.  Last year he outlined how demand for the still very young standard led to rapid adoption.  In this session Tony draws on practical experience of using IT4IT in multiple customer sites around […]

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The case for using an Enterprise Management Platform to decrease costs

As the leader of Qlik’s Global IT Service Delivery team, Dan has been responsible for implementing all activities related to the ITSM platform on ServiceNow, aligning IT Service deliverables with the ITIL framework, focusing on speed, efficiency, stability and a world class user experience. In this presentation, Dan will show you how he has leveraged […]

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digital transformation

Why is ITSM still failing?

IT professionals have been making the same mistakes for 15 years.  Based on his popular presentation at SITS16, Paul Wilkinson of GamingWorks explains which parts of ITIL are being misunderstood and what ITSM can do to emerge from its groundhog day. It is an exciting time to be in IT.  ‘Digital transformation’ is a term we hear […]

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Can frameworks help you build a successful IT career?

IT service management professionals must stop settling on “one way of doing things” and instead holistically view which frameworks and guidance can help them develop a fulfilling career.  Toby Moore, community manager of AXELOS Global Best Practice, says that while certification is vital to underpin and validate knowledge, the important skill is translating what has […]

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