SDITS12 review, 360

The joy and pain of SDITS12

Day one of SDITS12 was a watershed moment for the UK ITSM industry, according to James West, with real change evident.  So why was he in professional despair just 24 hours later? I’ve been attending SDITS in its various incarnations for over ten years, long enough to remember the Touchpaper ice rink (yes really) and […]

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Will cloud computing find the Higgs particle?

Cloud computing is underpinning efforts to help solve some of sciences biggest mysteries, such as discovering the elusive Higgs particle.  A consortium of IT providers have joined forces with three European science research centres – Cern, EMBL, and ESA – to create a cloud platform which will unite their IT infrastructures.  The two year Science […]

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Selection Services reinforces claim for cloud services leadership

Selection Services says its recently completed management buyout and acquisition of Cloud Data means it has immediately becomes one of the UK’s leading managed service providers in the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) space.“This is really exciting news for everyone involved in the company.  Cloud Data has an established and proven shared services model.  It enriches our […]

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ISL, 360

Unlimited online file sharing to boost support teams?

ISL Online has added unlimited online file sharing to its remote access software to help improve the quality of support its customers can offer users. The web-based, remote access service AlwaysOn 2.0 allows remote and office-based workers to collaborate on the same file, with a range of services from basic file sharing through to full control, which gives guest […]

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Cloud adoption driven by mobile, not cost savings

The primary motivation for adopting cloud is the ability to access corporate systems from mobile devices rather than any cost or potential financial savings, according to a study from CSC. A third of those questioned claimed ease of data access as the main reason for using cloud, compared to the 21 per cent who believe […]

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Sunderland, IBM 360

Sunderland Council uses cloud to stimulate economic growth

Sunderland City Council is to create a citywide cloud IT platform in a bid to reduce costs, improve the services it delivers to citizens, and stimulate economic growth by allowing local businesses to piggyback the infrastructure. The council, in collaboration with IBM, hopes to save £1.4 million annually with cloud through reduction in hardware, software, and […]

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Cloud downtime, 360

Fear of downtime should not deter cloud adoption

IT leaders ignoring cloud computing because they believe in-house systems are inherently stable should consider research by City Lifeline which says that 60 per cent of businesses already suffer unexpected downtime. One of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption is fear that either the network or the remotely hosted software could fail and IT teams […]

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RightNow Oracle, 360

Oracle commits to cloud IT services with $1.5 billion buyout of RightNow

Oracle has moved swiftly to demonstrate its commitment to delivering cloud based IT services by agreeing to purchase customer support software company RightNow for $1.5 billion. The deal, the biggest since Oracle bought Sun for $7.4 billion in 2010, is the early fruition of a commitment by the software giant to create its Public Cloud for delivering […]

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UK IT not ready for the future

UK businesses need to urgently review their IT infrastructures after 83 per cent of IT managers questions by NetApp admitted their systems are not ready for the future. Software and hardware restrictions are part of the problem, as 39 per cent say their current systems don’t allow for integration with other vendors’ products, leading to issues […]

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