SITS – The Service Desk & IT Support Show (7-8 June, London) is considered to be one of the most prestigious and sought after speaking engagements in the global ITSM calendar.

Every year hundreds of IT service professionals submit their speaking proposals, of which less than 50 will make the final cut. Presentations are 40 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for Q&A.

The Deadline for applications is Tuesday 29th November.

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Who can speak at SITS?

IT and Service Desk practitioners who want to tell their story to the world

Speaking submissions from professionals working in real-life IT service roles who present on their own projects, case studies or experiences are very popular at SITS. Visitors to SITS love to hear how their peers have tackled the same challenges they face themselves every day.

Independent consultants and trainers with a wealth of experience to share

Who better to offer sage advice on the practicalities of ITSM strategy and management, than the men and women who have seen through countless IT service projects, at a wide range of businesses? SITS welcomes submissions from experienced consultants and trainers.

ITSM tool vendors and solution providers with exceptional thought leadership

Businesses developing the very tools IT service professionals use every day to do their jobs are uniquely placed to discuss some of the greatest innovations in the market place today. Presentations strictly must not feature any content of a sales or marketing nature.

SITS will always prioritise submissions from exhibiting vendors.

What is the application process?

Subjects of interest

A great conference programme should cater for wide range interests, yet still maintain a keen focus on a single vision of supporting the audience in their ability to improve and enrich the way they provide IT services. At SITS, we like to create an equal split of sessions spanning across four different categories:

  • Case studies
  • People and leadership
  • Process and best practice
  • Business goals and outcomes

When writing and submitting your sessions, think carefully about how what your presentation will connect with your chosen subject matter and ensure your synopsis provides a clear objective for the audience.

Please look at the 2016 programme for inspiration, but remember, we rely on our speakers to explain and contextualise the latest trends, and offer fresh angles on long-term ITSM challenges, so be creative and daring with you submission.

Getting an early start

Applications to speak opened on 18th October and the deadline for submission is Tuesday 29th November. This may seem like a very early start for an event taking place in June 2017, however this timeline allows the team at SITS to read through the 200+ applications and curate the final conference programme, ready for the conference preview in February. SITS commits to attracting over 3,500 IT service professionals each year, so having a strong conference programme from the start of the year is key to a successful visitor marketing campaign.

Getting selected as speaker

The volume of applications each year makes the speaking at SITS a very competitive process. Less than 50 speakers will be selected, which must form a strong balance of both subject matters and speaker backgrounds. SITS always aims to create strong mix of practitioner, independent and vendor roles in the conference programme.

All applications to speak must be made through the online form by the fore-mentioned deadline. Applications submitted directly via email will not be accepted. All submissions must include:

  • Presentation title
  • 100 word synopsis
  • Three take-aways
  • Subject category
  • Speaker Bio (50 words)
  • Speaker photo
  • Speaking company logo
  • Speaker contact details

Unfortunately given the number of applications SITS receives, there will always be more people who don’t get to speak than those who do. This makes for a very difficult set of decisions and rejections and we encourage all applicants who are not successful this year, not to be disheartened. Many rejected sessions will be of a good enough quality for the conference, however other sessions may simply allow us to create a better balance of topics and speakers.

To apply, please fill in the online submission form. We look forward to reading your submissions.

Submit your application