During April 2015, we surveyed 150 Service Desks to find out what was holding them back from providing the innovative service improvements they knew their customers want. The findings were presented at this year SITS – The IT Service Management Show keynote breakfast briefing, which was led by SDI and Cherwell Software ™. You can now download the dull report in this free and easy to read eBook.

For a long time now, IT departments have found themselves stuck in habitual cycles of providing reactive IT support services, spending most days just trying to keep their noses above the water.

But, every now and again, a dark horse will jump the fence, overcoming stagnation and giving life to new ideas and innovations. The purpose of this eBook is to not just explain the reasons why IT becomes stuck but to uncover those dark horses and shine a light on how Service Desks can apply innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

What is inside the eBook?

  1. The key signs of struggling service desk
  2. The top three challenges facing modern service desks
  3. Six step self-assessment tool for service innovation
  4. Survey results and key findings
  5. three case studies from innovative IT teams
  6. Vital advice on how you can start moving forward

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