Why IT value delivers success

Next to be interviewed in the build-up to SITS17 is Mike Kyffin of Cherwell Software, who explains his unorthodox introduction to IT support, why IT value must take precedence and what his session at SITS17 will teach visitors. (more…)

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10 steps to implementing chat support

Chat support software can be a powerful tool for offering efficient help from a company website. Studies confirm that chat is both a cost-effective and user-friendly tech support channel, but too many organisations add chat without proper planning or have yet to implement it at all.  Donald Hasson offers a simple guide for introducing this […]

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Counting the costs of wasted time

A few hours wasted here and there may not seem too problematic, but as Ian Van Reenen of Autotask, the smallest inefficiencies add up to a big problem for service desks. According to the Metrics That Matter 2016 ITSP Benchmarking Study global survey of more than 1,100 ITSPs commissioned by Autotask, one-third of respondents with service desk […]

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IT Security

Can service desks help shield the business from IT threats?

Human error costs UK businesses £98.6 billion every year in security breaches. Matt Kingswood of IT Specialists (ITS) says the direct line between service desks and customers creates the perfect channel for education. Ransomware might be the trending topic in cybersecurity news, but it’s not the only cyber threat you should be looking at. There’s […]

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