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5 Steps to ‘Greening’ your Service Desk

“Even if you don’t consider yourself an eco-warrior, it still makes good business sense to implement strategies to promote sustainable IT business practices. The efficient management of resources saves energy, money and time – all contributing to a healthy bottom-line,” says Elzette Wilkinson from Alemba. Here she shares 5 steps to ‘greening’ a service desk.  Like […]

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5 Essential Tips for Self-Service Success

Written by Lena Stormvinge, Head of Training & Consulting| KCS Trainer, ComAround   Whether you’re looking to implement self-service for your customer, or assessing the quality of your current self-service solution, there are five key enablers that need to be in place in order to achieve a successful self-service solution. Self-service is an excellent tool that […]

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The future of service desk communications

With a rising number of software products, social platforms and stakeholders involved in IT procedures, it is no surprise that up to 80% of downtime is caused by either human error or a failure to follow set processes. How can IT service desk managers improve efficiencies, reduce risk and manage communication in a crisis? Nick […]

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Do your SLAs help or hinder?

Service desks may feel helpless when employees and business stakeholders complain about service quality, yet the green light of their SLAs flash comfortingly in the background. Satisfaction levels may be at 3.9, but is that good or bad? Niall Rudd of Happy Signals explains the importance of reassessing your feedback.  (more…)

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