IT outsourcing

The return of IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is resurgent as organisations improve their IT services by smartly partnering with suppliers.  David Bellini, president and managing director of ConnectWise International says that while the previous wave out outsourcing was purely about cost-savings, organisations have a much better understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing today. (more…)

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Is ITSM about to have a ‘go-faster disaster’?

IT professionals find themselves in a seemingly impossible position.  They are being asked to be daring and nimble, quickly delivering innovative, dynamic IT solutions.  Yet the business still expects IT to be as reliable and secure as ever.  SITS Insight and Ivanti have joined forces to help solve the great ITSM paradox and ensure that […]

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5 Essential Tips for Self-Service Success

Written by Lena Stormvinge, Head of Training & Consulting| KCS Trainer, ComAround   Whether you’re looking to implement self-service for your customer, or assessing the quality of your current self-service solution, there are five key enablers that need to be in place in order to achieve a successful self-service solution. Self-service is an excellent tool that […]

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