Concept of DevOps, this represents the communication and collaboration between developers and operations team to automate the continues software delivery process, vector illustration

Please stop asking us to DO DevOps

DevOps is a sound concept that can deliver myriad benefits to both business and IT. But according to Daniel Breston of Qriosity, the approach to DevOps is all too often wrong.  Here he explains the correct starting point and mentality towards DevOps. (more…)

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Businessman Superhero

How to clone your service desk superhero

Wouldn’t it be great if you could clone your best analyst – that service desk superhero that knows everything? Simon Kent of Sollertis offers the next best thing. Every service desk has one. That experienced and smart person who knows everything.  The ‘go-to’ person the other operatives seek out when they get stuck.  The guy […]

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